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Digitbloq is a crypto mining platform, created via Laravel, that facilitates the establishment of your own cloud-based crypto mining web application. As the world becomes increasingly cashless and cryptocurrency grows in popularity, there is a rising interest in this sector, which is currently worth $8 billion. Many individuals and businesses, particularly data centres with extensive mining resources, are keen to establish online platforms enabling others to invest. This increasing demand has led to the development of Digitbloq, drawing inspiration from prominent cloud mining platforms such as Genesis Mining, Shamining, Hashshiny, and IQMining.

Digitbloq is a comprehensive cloud mining solution that generates profits for users, based on rules set by the admin. It is easy to install and manage via an admin panel, features a responsive design, and offers high security. Its user-friendly interface supports various plugins, provides Google ReCaptcha and analytics, and facilitates automatic payment gateways, cards, currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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Frontend: http://digitbloq.com

Backend: http://digitbloq.com/admin


User Text

Address: https://digitbloq.com/user/login

username: usertest



Admin Access: Base on Request.


Highlighted Features

  • Clean and modern user interface.
  • Strong and powerful admin interface.
  • 20+ Automated Payment Gateways
  • Functionality is Simple and all Dynamic Features.
  • Easy Installation and Documentation.
  • Responsive & retina ready with cross-browser compatibility.
  • Premium and quick support.


User Dashboard Features

- 100% Secure User Dashboard.
- Multiple Coin Wallet.
- Security setup.
- Deposit and Withdraw.
- Purchased Plans Logs.
- Profile setup.
- Monthly Deposit Statistic.
- Automatic Payment Method.
- Support Tickets.

Admin Features

- 100% Secure Admin Dashboard.
- User Manager.
- Miners Manager.
- Plan Manager.
- Plan Feature Manager.
- All sales log.
- Deposit Manager.
- Withdraw Manager.
- Support Ticket.
- Transaction Logs.
- User Login History.
- Language Manager.
- Subscriber Manager.
- Basic Setting.
- Logo & Favicon Setting.
- Extensions Setting.
- SEO Manager.
- Email Setting tools.
- SMS Manager.
- SMS API Setting.
- Page Builder.
- Frontend setting and section manager.
- And More….



  • Domain/Subdomain: The platform can be install and set up on your domain or subdomain, both on existing domain or New Domain.
  • Cpanel Access: Cpanel is required to create database, file manager and general complete setup.
  • Web Hosting: You need a web hosting to host your website, most Domain provider offer Web Hosting with Cpanel Access: E.g; Namecheap, Hostinger.


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