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Our platform provides comprehensive SEO reports and tools, enabling you to generate insightful, concise, and easily comprehensible SEO reports that aid in enhancing your webpage ranking and performance.

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phpRank - SEO Reports & Tools Platform (SaaS) - 4
DASHBOARD: Offers an at-a-glance overview of your account, allowing quick management of your recent or underperforming reports.

REPORTS: Facilitates management of SEO reports and provides insightful results in areas such as SEO, title, meta description, headings, content keywords, image keywords, SEO friendly URL, 404 page, robots.txt, noindex, in-page links, language, favicon, security, HTTPS encryption, HTTP/2, mixed content, server signature, unsafe cross-origin links, HTST, plaintext email, performance, text compression, load time, page size, HTTP requests, image format, Javascript defer, DOM size, DOCTYPE, and miscellaneous.

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PROJECTS: Allows management of projects and provides a view of their health status.

TOOLS – Web tools and utilities:

  • DNS lookup
  • Domain IP lookup
  • IDN converter
  • Indexed pages checker
  • IP lookup
  • Keyword research
  • Meta tags checker
  • Reverse IP lookup
  • SERP checker
  • SSL checker
  • Website status checker
  • WHOIS lookup
  • Color converter
  • CSS minifier
  • HTML minifier
  • HTTP headers checker
  • JS minifier
  • JSON validator
  • MD5 generator
  • Password generator
  • QR generator
  • Redirect checker
  • Uptime calculator
  • URL parser
  • User-Agent parser
  • UTM builder
  • UUID generator
  • Base64 converter
  • Binary converter
  • Case converter
  • Lorem ipsum generator
  • Number generator
  • Text cleaner
  • Text replacer
  • Text reverser
  • Text to slug converter
  • URL converter
  • Word counter
  • Word density counter

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EXPORT: Allows printing or exporting of reports as PDFs (using the browser's print dialog), or exporting the account overview in CSV format.

CHECKOUT: Provides multiple checkout options including PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paystack, Coinbase,, and bank transfers.

Admin Features

DASHBOARD: Offers an overview of the website's activity.

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SETTINGS: Allows modification of the website's various configuration options.

PAYMENTS: Facilitates management of payments. Enables viewing, approval, or declination of payments.

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PLANS: Allows management of plans. Enables creation, editing, suspension, or viewing of plans.

TAX RATES: Facilitates management of tax rates. Allows creation, editing, suspension, or viewing of tax rates.

COUPONS: Enables management of coupons. Allows creation, editing, suspension, or viewing of coupons.

USERS: Facilitates management of users. Allows viewing, editing, deletion, or suspension of accounts.

REPORTS: Allows management of reports. Enables viewing, editing, or deletion of reports.

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  • Domain/Subdomain: The platform can be install and set up on your domain or subdomain, both on existing domain or New Domain.
  • Cpanel Access: Cpanel is required to create database, file manager and general complete setup.
  • Web Hosting: You need a web hosting to host your website, most Domain provider offer Web Hosting with Cpanel Access: E.g; Namecheap, Hostinger.


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