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The Telegram AI Chatbot uses Natural Language Processing to understand and respond to the customer’s messages. When a user sends a message, it is decoded by NLP to interpret the intent behind the message. This allows the chatbot to generate customized automated replies within 1 second. This Telegram AI Chatbot can offer the followings:
• Better customer support
• Improved lead generation
• Updates on status, customization, and tracking
• Personalized recommendations
• Quick response time
• Better scalability
• Seamless marketing

Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat

1️⃣Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat : Allows you to ask questions, and it also answers your questions according to user intents. It is available 24/7 and customizes each reply based on user intent. The bot uses Natural Language Processing to understand and respond to the customer’s messages.

2️⃣Automatic Response -- Chat automatically with your contacts and non-contacts in real time.

3️⃣Better customer support—-Provide friendlier customer support

5️⃣Quick response time—-Faster Response Time, Better Customer Experience

6️⃣ Seamless marketing—-Combined with automatic chat to help you better market your products

7️⃣ Multiple language Support:English,العربية,azərbaycan,bosanski, Italiano,Dansk,Deutsch,Français,Português,Español, euskara,Bahasa Indonesia,Bahasa Melayu, Filipino,latviešu,lietuvių,magyar,Nederlands,norsk,oʻzbekcha,Tiếng Việt, ürkçe,हिन्दी,ខ្មែរ,简体中文,繁體中文

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Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat-Full Reseller



Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat-Full Reseller



Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat-Full Reseller



Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat-Full Reseller


Amazing Features

  • ✅Installation file

    We provide a Windows installer, very easy to use

  • ✅Support account login

    Support telegram login via api At the same time, after successful login, save the login session file

  • ✅Support multiple accounts

    Support saving multiple telegram accounts, but only one account can work at the same time

  • ✅Support account switch

    You can switch accounts at any time, so that multiple accounts can automatically reply

  • ✅Integrate OPENAI, you can set your own prompt

    By integrating openai, you can automatically chat with your telegram contacts

  • ✅OPENAI Prompt

    You can set your own prompt so that chatgpt can answer your preset questions

  • ✅Support 7×24 hours auto reply

    telegram chatbot can help you achieve 24 hours, automatic reply and automatic chat

  • ✅AI customer service

    Help you realize automatic AI chat service, replace your manual customers, and save you a lot of costs

Why do you need Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat?

Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat: Our software is designed to reduce the manual workload of live agents and offer a better customer support experience. It is a customizable solution that allows businesses to create a 24/7 customer support team with automated responses.

Primarily, when a customer sends a message, the ChatGPT system uses AI-driven natural language processing (NLP) technology to automatically identify the customer’s intent and analyze the text for certain keywords. It then responds instantly with pre-defined answers that match the query.

You can set up your own promptincluding FAQs: You can create an unlimited number of FAQs, all with their own set of automated answers. This ensures that the customer receives the most accurate answer to their query.

Telegram AI Chatbot Auto Chat is an effective tool for businesses, as it reduces the number of manual responses required by customer service agents. The automated replies can be used to quickly answer any standard customer queries, freeing up agents’ time and allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. Additionally, businesses can use the chatbot to provide an always-on customer service experience, boosting customer engagement and improving customer retention rates.


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